Cities are after all, the places where humans have settled throughout the history of time. Some have stood the test of time, some have risen in the new world while some have fallen through the ages. May it be Rome, Barcelona, Pompei, Athens, Paris, Amsterdam, Salzburg, Prague, Munich, London, New York, Washington D.C., Istanbul, St. Petersburg, Rio de Janerio or Sao Paulo in the west or Beijing, Tokyo, Mumbai, Sydney, Melbourne, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi in the other part of the world, each city has its own history and tradition.

And these are just few of the famous ones. Each country has those smaller cities that have played a vital role in shaping the history of that region and offer something beautiful for everyone!

You can explore the cities on foot, on segways , bicycles or with a taxi! Whichever city you choose, whichever mode of transport you choose, we will help you plan your city tour-suited to your pace and interests!

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