Well, this one is a tricky one and also one of our favourite types of trips.

We believe that the most important aspect of travel is to absorb the perspectives and values of the various cultures! And ofcourse, food is an integral part of culture :)

May it be a desserts special in Paris, Beer parties in Germany and Belgium, Wine in Italy, Burgers in the US, Butter chicken and Biryanis of India or the mysterious foods of China!

From the Nordic and Viking cultures in Norway and Iceland, the freedom of expression in France, the attractions of the lives of Brazilians, the hippy way of life, the multifaceted cultures of the Indian subcontinent, the mysterious lives of the monks, the Chinese and Japanese way of life or the islandic lives of New Zealand and Australia.

We would love to plan these careful cultural immersions for you. Just reach out to us!

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