These are for the travelers who enjoy basking in the beauties of nature. Witness the migration in Africa, the sea of flamingos in Lake Nakhru, See the polar bears in Svalvbard or the Penguins at the south pole, the 1300+ species of birds or the Royal Bengal Tiger in India, spend a week as a volunteer to help tending the Giant Panda or take a tour to see the whales along the Japanese coast.

The volcanic lands of Iceland, the desserts in Dubai and Rajasthan, visit Meghalaya- the place with the highest rainfall in the world or the unbelievable landscapes of New Zealand;  take a trip to see the puffins or the Golden eagle, take an expedition to see the snow leopard or have a look at the Grizzlies in the US.

Take out your binoculars, field guides and let’s go!

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